Exploring the Northern Beaches of Sydney

by Kristy on April 15, 2012 · 4 comments

After the terrible summer Sydney had, autumn has been a surprisingly uplifting and beautiful time of year. The days have mostly been glorious, sunny and mildly warm.

We’ve been so incredibly busy with family birthdays and whatnot to really take advantage of the great weather so today we resolved to seize the day and go for Sunday drive up to a couple places on the Northern Beaches that we’ve been wanting to visit for a while.

Our first stop was the Newport Arms Hotel for lunch. This place was absolutely perfect for us with our three young, boisterous children. It has am enormous open beer garden with many different sections, but all with great views of the water. There are two playgrounds and one open astroturf area with awesome beanbags and lots of space to run around and be silly.

We ordered their beef burger and chicken burger with piri-piri mayonnaise for lunch, along with fish and chips for the kids. The burger was pretty tasty, with a big fat juicy meat patty, beetroot and caramelised onion. The chicken burger was passable, but less filling and came a distant second to its beef counterpart. They both came with chips that were crunchy and perfectly seasoned. The kids enjoyed their chips too (no surprises there).


Overall there was a great feeling of ease and relaxation, knowing that the kids were happy and free to be themselves coupled with the stunning water views.

Our next stop was for some coffee at Church Point General Store and Waterfront Cafe. It’s about a 10 minute scenic drive from the Newport Arms. It’s quite a tucked away part of the Northern Beaches area, certainly I’d never even driven that way before. When we arrived we luckily found a parking spot, but from what I overheard from other tables’ conversations was that it could take up to half an hour to find a spot. Just opposite Church Point is Scotland Island which is only accessible via ferry, hence lots of parked cars of people doing day trips to the island.


Nonetheless, it’s such a gorgeous spot. So peaceful and tranquil. Standing out the front of the store, you wouldn’t even know that it was a cute cafe/restaurant overlooking the water. From the outside it looks like a corner store, but delve in deeper and you’ll find a shady table right on the water.

The hostess was so kind. She brought over some bread for the kids to tear up into tiny pieces and feed the fish below. This kept them well occupied whilst we waited for our coffees and hot chocolates.


It was so nice to do something as a family, just for us. Thank you Sydney for putting on such an awesome Autumn day!

What did you get up to this weekend? Was the weather kind to you where you live?

  • http://www.notquitenigella.com Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I know what you mean, it feels like summer barely got off the starting blocks this year!

    • http://thelifeshemade.wordpress.com thelifeshemade

      It’s so nice to finally be out there doing stuff

  • Annaleis Topham

    We just did some gardening at home. Weather was gorgeous in WA as well! Though I do wish their was a place to have lunch like the hotel you went to around here! Kids would love it!

    • http://thelifeshemade.wordpress.com thelifeshemade

      Autumn is the best isn’t it? Sunny and not too hot. It makes it easy to be outdoors doing the things you love.

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