I think I’ve lost Interest in Pinterest

by Kristy on May 8, 2012 · 4 comments

It’s probably a weird thing for me to say being a blogger, but I think I’m over Pinterest. I’m slightly less over Instagram, but even so my interest in that social media is waning.

The thing about Pinterest is that it can be a very useful tool for collating your ideas about various projects and whatnot. I’ve certainly used it to plan birthday parties, our family photo session last year, to be inspired by beautiful spaces and to remember where I’ve seen awesome recipes.

When I first started on Pinterest last year, it seemed really cool and fun. I would sit there for hours refreshing the feed, looking for the next new pretty thing to pin. There was also a sense of anonymity on there because none of my real life friends were on Pinterest. So when I planned my daughter’s birthday party by pinning all the ideas I would use, people were surprised when they came over. Now, if they follow you on Pinterest, there’s no mystery.

I remember telling friend about how I loved Pinterest and how it would be such a useful tool for planning her up coming wedding. A few days later, her name popped up on the side bar and we began following each other. I noticed that she had pinned a few wedding dresses, flowers and make up ideas. The next time I saw her I commented on loving her choices. She said, “Please don’t tell anyone about what I pinned, I want it to be a surprise.” After that, there was no more pinning by my friend.

When Pinterest was this underground thing that people could only be ‘invited’ to, it just seemed a lot cooler. Now that everyone’s pinning the same inspirational quotes and moustache themed printables, it’s lost its appeal.


I’d love to keep using Pinterest, but I think it would be more appealing to me if I could curate a few private boards. Unfortunately, if all the boards went private, it would stop functioning the way that it does and wouldn’t be the resounding success story that it is.

Now, about Instagram. It’s a bit the same really. It’s become so ubiquitous. Everyone posting edgy, moody photos with the same filters and the same blurring. I like it because it’s easier to convey something that you’re feeling or doing in a picture than it is in words sometimes. It’s so instant and quick. But if I see another shot of coffee art with a warm filter I think I’m going to scream.*

(*Yes, I’m aware I am guilty of this myself. )

I wonder what the next ‘big thing’ in social media will be? Will I jump on it? Probably. Will you?

  • http://cookbooksandpattycakes.wordpress.com cookbooksandpattycakes

    I can understand your frustrations with Pinterest…if I see another ‘Keep Calm and XYZ’ poster or Ryan Gosling “hey girl” variation I’ll scream. I still find Pinterest really useful, but I use it a lot less now than I used to, and I don’t know very many ‘real life’ people using it.
    We’re planning house reno’s in the near future, and it’s much easier for hub & I to check out each others kitchen boards than to send pictures back and forth via email (when he works away, he’s on the net a lot at night…getting ‘check this one out’ cabinetry emails for weeks on end wears thin pretty quick!). I’m also doing a lot more child-centred activities in the school holidays that are pinterest inspired, so it’s working for me, for now!
    I never really got on board with instagram, but Facebook is one platform that is bugging me…I’m really only using my personal facebook page to keep in contact with overseas family & friends and those I don’t see very often. I’m slowly defriending most of my school ‘friends’ because I’m realising they bugged me in school, and they bug me even more now with their ridiculous comments. Seriously people, I can see your first born is gorgeous, but I don’t need to get an update (with photo) every time they eat a piece of sweet potato…sorry, rant over!

  • http://cookbooksandpattycakes.wordpress.com cookbooksandpattycakes

    Oops, sorry that was a bit of an essay!

    • http://thelifeshemade.wordpress.com thelifeshemade

      That’s ok – I totally agree. I think I loved Pinterest when it seemed original and I could find new ideas. But now I think everyone is just copying each other. There’s less original content and more and more of the same thing over and over again.

  • http://www.notquitenigella.com Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I go through phases with things like Pinterest!

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