Embarrassing yet Delicious.

by Kristy on June 15, 2012 · 10 comments

Twitter was afflutter this week much discussion about George from Masterchef’s deconstructed Greek Salad. Here’s a picture if you’re not familiar with it.

Lots of people felt that this was George showing off. This wasn’t greek salad, this was ego on a plate.

When did food become so wanky? The reality is that nobody cooks like this at home. Even chefs who are creating many micro components on plates all day at work come home and crave something simple, something daggy, something naff.

When I’m coming up with recipes for the blog I like to keep it simple but in touch with modern cuisine and current day palettes.

It got me thinking, what are some insanely simple and unfashionable things that I love to eat, but would probably never do a recipe post about? This is my list, but what are your guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments :-)

Baked beans on toast.

Sunday night, nothing to eat except a couple of slices of hot buttered toast topped with a warmed tin of baked beans. My husband introduced me to an ingenious tip of slicing the toast into nine squares then pouring on the beans. You can then fork each 9th easily and get a good amount of bread and beans in each bite.


2 minute noodles.

You’ve got to try them with some snipped spring onion and a beaten egg stirred into the hot broth. It’s comforting to know that you’re only two minutes away to hot starchy satisfation. I have a packet in my top draw right now (I kid you not!)

Cheese toastie.

When I was a little girl, we used to call these “breville sandwiches” because our jaffle maker was a Breville. Did anybody else do that? Whatever you call it you can’t beat the classic combo of ham and tomato. I don’t know about you, but I am always burning my tongue on molten tomatoes!

Embarrassing yet Delicious.

Sao biscuits with butter and vegemite.

Spread thickly and squished together to make worms come out through the little holes.

Kraft Singles.

I wouldn’t dream of buying that plastic cheese for my kids, in fact I don’t think they’ve ever had any, but after being force fed Jarlesberg cheese sandwiches on a daily basis by my mother as a child, when I discovered Kraft Singles I thought that I was in heaven. I especially loved loading up a slice of bread with 2 or more slices of cheese then flashing under a grill until it ballooned, puffed and scorched black on top.

Old school Chinese.

You know what I’m talking about – all that gloopy sauce, honey prawns, mongolian lamb and lemon chicken. It helps if you’re eating it from a lazy susan in a restaurant that looks like it was decorated in 1973. I will always have a soft spot for this stuff. Bring on the MSG!

French onion dip.

Made with (gasp) French Onion Soup Mix. I remember when I first tasted this dip. There was a lady who lived across the road called Berryl. She had invited my mum to a tupperware party and I’d never seen anything like it before. I distinctly remember hovering over the dip with armed with jatz crackers dipping away. She even sent some home in a little tupperware container for me. I’ve since made proper caramelised onion versions of onion dip which are great, but there’s something about the french onion soup mix version that is unique and special.

Chicken Parmigana

It’s on every pub menu in the country. If you order it you could be construed as being stuck in the 80s, but day-um, it’s good! What could be bad about schnitzel covered in pasta sauce and smothered in gooey melted cheese? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Embarrassing yet Delicious.

Over to you now, what floats your boat but may be considered a bit passe, a bit daggy?

  • Sarah

    I love parmiganas (sp?) and if it’s served with pasta I’ll order it. So yummy.
    I’m a fan of mi goreng noodles. I think they’re meant to be bad for you and they might have palm oil in them so I but the Maggi (I think) brand.

    • http://gravatar.com/thelifeshemade The Life She Made

      Yeah the Mi Goreng noodles are excellent but they do have palm oil in them, you’re right.

  • http://www.notquitenigella.com Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe peanut butter straight from the jar or with dry cereal and honey! :D

    • http://gravatar.com/thelifeshemade The Life She Made

      That sounds like the makings for an excellent biscuit or cookie – only much more direct and quick.

  • http://www.thefoodmentalist.com Erin@TheFoodMentalist

    I totally agree. I missed that episode but don’t like the look of it one bit. Nothing like some quick and easy yet tasty cuisine – they can take it a bit far sometimes. I like to make a quick omelette for dinner on occasion and just throw in whatever we have around whether it’s mushrooms, cheese etc. Simple. Yum.

    • http://thelifeshemade.wordpress.com thelifeshemade

      I think I like to leave that sort of frippery to the chefs. For me, it’s totally about an effort to outcome ratio. That is to say minimum effort for maximum flavour.

  • http://heneedsfood.com john@heneedsfood

    I didn’t watch that episode of Masterchef, actually I barely every do. That “Greek” salad looks ridiculous!
    I don’t hesitate in cracking open a tin of beans for lunch or dinner. Nice bit of toast, beans over the top, grated parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. I love it!

  • Shannon

    I missed this post but agree with every one of your daggy suggestions. The only thing I would add is a Cob Loaf Dip.

    • http://thelifeshemade.wordpress.com thelifeshemade

      YES! How could I forget that one!

  • Bec

    Baked beans on toast? How about a baked bean breville sandwich with cheese? And tomato if you’re particularly daring, my partner thinks its weird haha. Oh and vegemite and cheese grilled slices, yum yum yum. Tupperware containers are brilliant also for my baked beans, tuna, tomato, cheese and spring onion mix, stick it in the bowl and straight into the microwave, great!

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